• SAAS Application

    Create N number of client from within one application and manage data for all clients separately, created and configured automatically.

  • Multi language support

    Using google language utility, application support multiple languages.

  • Dynamic Application/Menu/Pages

    Dynamic applications and menus/pages management, Integrate any 3rd party application easily.
    Other inbuilt applications, like timecard, Project management tool, survey with payment integrated (shopping cart, show tickets).

  • Logging mechanism

    Includes page visit, error log – send email notification on any error automatically.

  • Microsoft Exchange mail integration

    Microsoft Exchange mail integration, auto sync and other features as well.

  • Transaction/Master Detail Page

    Connect multiple pages into single page, create dynamic transaction page, for ex: Master detail page concept and many more within one page.

  • Copy Function

    Create copy functionality to copy of one record and create duplicate, transaction page as well.

  • Gantt chart

    Advance Gantt chart control integration, design and integrate with any designed form

  • Dashboard

    Dynamic dashboard - applications/Users/ common to all.

  • JS Library

    Manage JS Library to create custom JavaScript logic and embedded same with controls.

  • Multiple logins mechanism

    Support Google, Microsoft, CPDesk, Active directory

  • Validation

    Create forms with various controls, dynamic validations on any controls.

  • CSS editor

    Dynamic CSS editor to create your own style for any control/page.

  • Export Data

    Export data directly into PDF and excel, customize each control view in page and in PDF report.

  • Payment Integration

    3rd party payment integration to any designed page (Bean stream)

  • front-page CMS

    Responsive front-page CMS to create small website for client.

  • Designer users

    Create designer users to manage all dynamic pages for single/multiple clients.

  • Support

    Advance supporting ticket system.

  • Excel editor

    Excel editor to edit excel file directly within application.

  • Control Library

    Advance controls library to create any kind of page, controls library includes Label, Textbox, Dropdown List - Cascade options covered, Calendar, AutoComplete, Currency , Numeric Control, Checkbox, Print Button, PDFButton, Image, Text Memo, Editor with basic/advance options, Hyperlink (View, Edit, Add New, Delete, Save/Update, Cancel, Email-Attachment, Copy & Create Duplicate Record), Filter - Search, Reset Button, Custom Insert/Update Field - SQL, Target Key to connect multiple pages, Mast Textbox, Percentage Control, RadiobuttonList, Time Picker, DateTimePicker, System Parameter, Chart control with multi chart type, Captcha with advance options, Custom Calculated Insert/Update Field, Hidden Field, QRCode, Barcode, et

  • Editable Batch grid

    Editable batch grid to Insert/update/delete/view multiple records in one click.

  • Import XLS file/Database View

    Import XLS file data and manage, transfer to SQL DB with various options.
    Import data from databse view directly to any table with various options.

  • Barcode/QR Code

    Automatic generation of all kinds of barcodes in grid and form applications.

  • JavaScript event

    Add Dynamic JavaScript event management on all control.

  • Advance Editor Options

    Rich HTML editor, plenty of features.

  • Document Management

    File/Folder management tool to upload/download files and integrate same to dynamic page.

  • Send Email

    Dynamic send mail page with user wise attachment gallery, integrate into any page.

  • Database Management Tool

    Manage all database objects from within application directly using Database builder tool include View builder, Table and columns management, FK relationship management and query management tool, data dictionary.

  • Query Builder

    Advance query builder to create your own query with all the options.

  • Dynamic Help

    Integrate help to any page, attached help document/write help content.

  • Calendar & Scheduler

    Calendar and scheduler integration, create your own and integrate as per requirement. Scheduker with advance options.

  • Filter

    Create n numbers of filter with various advance options.

  • Paging mechanism

    Control paging mechanism and save last page size for each page/user.

  • Tab control

    Advance Tab control to combine multiple sections into tab display format.

  • Custom SQL Support

    Customize Insert/Update/Delete events by writing custom SQL statement to be executed.

  • Field Level Security

    Advance security on each control to displayed/hire to various levels of users.

  • Easy Navigation

    Jump to control definition from within page directly using designer features on.

  • Report writer and Viewer

    Generate dynamic report as per your requirement in almost few steps using report writer and report viewer utility and export result to word, excel, PDF. Also upload predefined excel/html report template and data printed on same, for ex- Pre printed invoice template. Add header/footer dynamic part to report, for ex- printed date-time, custom text, etc…
    Multiple chart report option.